Torsion Garage Door Spring maintenance

A garage door needs regular maintenance to ensure that it will be working in a way, it was designed to.  It is not surprising that most of us are not aware of the importance of regular maintenance and safety check-ups of the garage door and its components. But to keep the garage door in tip-top conditions, you should have to conduct routine check-ups and lubrication processes.

One of the most critical and unsafe parts of the door is the garage door spring that has an important role in the performance of the garage door. These springs are the most obvious components that need special attention when you are facing trouble with either rough opening or closing. You can perform garage door spring replacement on your own but it is wise to hire an expert like, Greensboro garage door spring repair for the safe and efficient work.

Torsion garage door spring is mounted very tightly and retained under extreme tension. Due to the high tension, the spring will snap anytime. The sudden breakage of garage door springs should be treated immediately to prevent you from serious injuries and property damages. If the garage door springs are working properly, but your garage door has some signs of aging. It is good to inspect the springs regularly by a professional technician because the garage door springs should be replaced in time.

An overhead garage door is designed with springs, installed on both sides of the door. If one of them is broke, you have to replace them both at the same time even though the good one may look fine. If one spring broke, the other will behind it. You might experience that your garage door is making too many noises or chattering sounds while opening and closing. It does not mean that that the garage door springs need replacement. The issue can often be handled by giving some lubrication to springs. You may use WD-40 or any lubricant spray to do this.

Apart from garage door springs, you may experience the problem of chafed or broken strips of loose cables. It is the clear sign that garage door cables are going to break. These loose cables should be tightened up because a sudden breakage can cause serious injuries.  They should be replaced by an expert garage door engineer who has excellent knowledge about the problems related to the garage door cables and springs.

Since a garage door is a very heavy device and garage door springs lift the load of it. So, garage door springs are retained under extreme tension which makes them very dangerous to handle. If you are not familiar with the working of springs, don’t attempt garage door springs maintenance on your own. It is also beneficial to schedule the maintenance with the local garage door expert. It will protect you from sudden damages and give you peace of mind that your garage door will work safely.